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Dimethyl Sebacate(DMS)  

Dimethyl sebacate (DMS) is a dimethyl ester of sebacic acid. Oleris® DMS has a vegetal origin since it is a derivative of castor oil. 

Major applications

Oleris® Dimethyl sebacate is widely used to produce light stabilizers such as UV-770, UV-292 and UV-123. It can also be employed as a plasticizer, softening agent and solvent for cellulosic resins, synthetic resins and rubbers.


White solid, temperature < 31 oC

Transparent liquid, temperature > 31 oC

Purity, % wt


A.V., mgKOH/g

0.20 Max

Water Content, % wt

0.1 Max

Color, APHA

10 Max

S.G. @ 28 oC, g/cm3

0.988 – 0.992

Refractive Index @ 28 oC

1.4336 – 1.4376


In new galvanized iron drum of 200kgs net each.

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