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Sebacic Acid  

Immediate price increase for sebacic acid and its derivatives 
from Casda Biomaterials

Casda Biomaterials, an Arkema subsidiary, announces a 3 to 5% price increase for all its sebacic acid products and castor oil derivatives, with immediate effect or when the terms of the contracts permit.

In recent years, the sebacic acid and derivatives activity has been affected by a steady drop in prices which has significantly impaired profitability across the value chain.
Given the strong decline in the price of by-products, in particular 2-Octanol, new measures are required.

Accordingly, these price increases are vital for the continued investments needed to respond to market demand and fulfil the latest environmental standards.

Casda Biomaterials is the world leader in sebacic acid produced from castor oil. Oleris® sebacic acid is used in a variety of applications:

  • In polymer manufacture: polyamides, copolyamides, copolyesters, polyester polyols, bioplastics, etc.
  • In industry: synthesis of plasticizers, lubricants, antifreeze, or corrosion retardants
  • In cosmetics: as buffering ingredient or intermediate to synthesize a large range of esters.

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