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The 2-Octanol is a branched C8fatty alcohol. It is directly produced from vegetal chemistry. Indeed, this bio-based alcohol is manufactured through a cracking process from ricinoleic acid, major component of castor oil. The annual production Oleris® 2-Octanol is 26,000 mT.

Major Applications

  • As such, the 2-Octanol is used as a green solvent for various resins intended for paints and coatings or adhesives sectors
  • It can also be used as a defoamer in different processes and as an additive for lubricants
  • It can be used as a solvent in rare mineral extraction
  • As an intermediate, it can be used in the synthesis of a wide range of plasticizer esters and surfactants. It can produce for example It can produce for example: alcohol alkoxylates and sulfates for detergency and personal care markets adipate, Sebacates, Palmitates, Stearates for applications in cosmetic, paints and coatings, plastic, paper, textile, etc… phthalates acrylates and Maleates for coatings and adhesives markets salicylate, Myristate, Méthoxycinnamate for application in fragrances

Quality Index


Refined 2-Octanol

Crude 2-Octanol


Colorless Transparent Liquid Light Yellow  Transparent Liquid

Purity, % wt

99 Min

88 Min

Water content, % wt

0.30 Max

5 Max

Color, APHA

10 Max


Note: Casda Biomaterials Co., Ltd.,Ltd can also produce Refined 2- Octanol of various specifications according to requirements of consumers. 


In new iron drum of 160 kgs net each

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